Saturday, July 5, 2008

our 2008 pony meet!

We had our pony meet today!!! I had so much fun, organizing it and being apart of it. it's so nice to put a few faces to a few names I know from just the pony boards and to share each others joy in our collections. It was wonderful. I had a great time and made a few new friends. And learned a bit along the way...anyways, some pictures of our meet to share.

of course Madeleine was right in there from the beginning. all the pony goodness was too much, she didn't know where to start! and definitely didn't know where to end. lol. she was pony nabbing every which way, trying to get her grubby little hands on as many ponies as possible.

SourDoughStompers sunny little pony table.

Buzzdog's table of soooOOOo much pony awesomeness!

SkyCakes ponies!!
Shane perusing through everyones collections.

Shane (really excited to be there apparently, lol) Karlee, Shawna

We had a 'secret santa' style gift swap.
here is Rainbow Windy opening her present. ummm....Boysenberry pie....

SDS, very happy with her new SS Truly

A ceramic porcelain Glory for Shawna!

Nibbles and Dibbles for SkyCakes!

Buzzdog got Sky Dancer!

and Karlee got____<------insert G3 pony name here and an Eyelash Princess!!

Our first Tutorial. Shawna showed us how to clean up those gross, dirty ponies and make their hair look nice and soft and shiny again.

Our Second tutorial. SkyCakes showed us how to re hair a pony.
Me, listening intently.

I wasn't very good at re hairing. I think I will leave it to you customizing pros.

It was really hard!!

this is all my mess, lol.

see. look how neat and tidy everyone is being. nope. not me.

Then Shane did a presentation on how roto molds work and took us through the entire production process from wax sculpt to the final finished pony.

I think everyone really enjoyed the presentation. Everyone was so quiet and careful not to miss a word. Shane mesmerized them I think.

passing around roto molds for everyone to see.

Shane's assortment of Roto molds, first shots, hard copies, and Original Artwork.

then on to pony trivia!!

this is the game I made for the trivia!!

the name badges that I made for everyone one. Line art is from the coloring pages on the Arena, which I made personalized for everyone as a keepsake from the meet, with each persons favorite pony on it.

Pony Trivia prize box!!
Bags i made for everyone containing tutorial supplies and name badges.

and that's all the pictures I have right now. I haven't taken pictures of the tons of ponies that ended up being adopted yet and the giant Plush pony that Buzzdog gave to Maddie. Hope you enjoyed our pony meet pictures as much as we enjoyed making them!!!


Saturday, June 28, 2008


just a reminder that our pony meet is only a week away!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

trivia board game

ok, for the trivia game, I was thinking that I could set up a chutes and ladders game. Instead of rolling dice though, you would pick up a question card from the deck, each question would be worth so many points and they would be shuffled at random, just like a dice would be. However many points you get, is how many spaces you get to move. There would be a separate deck for bonus question as well. If you land on a ladder, you would have to answer a bonus question to be able to go up the ladder, and same if you were to land on a chute, you would be able to answer a bonus question to try and 'save' yourself from going down the board. Whoever gets to the end first would win. we would keep playing until 3 people made it to the end and those three would get to pick from the prize box in order of who won first.

oh and I should mention that the piece that everyone gets to play with, would be a fakie pony as my daughter has tons of those and that wherever there is a bonus question on the board, there would be a pony sticker to indicate it, because I have tons of those from swaps and stuff. Just to make it a bit more 'pony'.

I found this on the internet, I think I could make one pretty easy out of poster board and construction paper.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

another update :)

I have picked up the supplies now for the rehairing tutorial. hopefully our hair will be here for the meet though! I got a message from saying that my order had been shipped, 10 days after the order was placed!! so I'm not super stoked that it took them so long to get it together, but we still have 20 days, should, hopefully.

I also have gotten a bunch of stuff together for the prize box.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


pony trivia questions are DONE!
I even made a tie breaker question in case a couple of you end up being smarty pants.

Monday, June 9, 2008


hi all, I just wanted to let everyone know that I just made a hair order from Everyone will have one skein of hair (enough for 1 ½ ponies) for our re-hairing tutorial. I ordered extras as well, just in case we do get a few more people of if people bring someone along with them. Everyone coming does need to bring their own bait pony.

As well, just a reminder that we will be doing a ‘secret santa’ style swap, and so everyone needs to bring one excellent condition pony ($10-$15 value) as a gift for someone else. Please bring it wrapped with your name written on the outside somewhere.

We as of right now have four confirmed people and 2 maybes. It would be nice if we could get a couple more people, however, if it just ends up being a bit more of an ‘intimate’ pony meet, that will be okay too. It just means less chaos, and we will be more able to really get to know everyone. Please let me know if you plan on coming with anyone besides yourself. hmmm…what else?

Pony Trivia! Between now and then, I will be getting together a list of about 25 pony questions, varying in difficulty. There will be first and second place prizes!!

As far as food goes, I will have food here for everyone, but I am asking that for every person that comes, that each bring some sort of snack item, whether it be chips, pop, candy, or if you choose to cook or bake something, by all means, go for it. if I can figure out how to use the barbeque between now and then and it is a nice day, maybe we can go in the backyard and make burgers. Please let me know if you a have any allergies or food restrictions!!

I think that is it for now. I’ll keep everyone posted about any changes to the events. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Thanks!

heart. Jenn

Saturday, May 31, 2008

our date is official!!

the first (hopefully annual) Edmonton pony meet is set for Saturday July 5th!!

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